Quadriga Asset Management Predicts – Wind Energy to Power Half of all Homes within the United States by 2030

Quadriga Asset Management Predicts – Wind Energy to Power Half of all Homes within the United States by 2030

By the end of 2020, America will be producing more electricity through wind energy than ever before. This new reality is creating a boom in the Wind Energy industry and the capital markets that support it. Over recent years, as the wind farms have become more popular, people have become more aware of the benefits that are being created. These energy sources will continue to grow, but only with a strong foundation to build on. In a note to clients, Arnold Hay, Senior Analyst at Quadriga Asset Management stated, “all renewable energy projects marketed by Quadriga within the United States are backed by state level government grants, which significantly decreases counterparty risks for all investors.”

That means that renewable energy projects within the ethical investment sector would be protected and that potential investors could rely on an asset management professional to provide the guidance they need in this relatively new area.

Ethical Investment Opportunities Exist Globally

This framework of state level government within the United States offering grants for renewable energy projects is being replicated globally, especially within Europe. A wide variety of ethical investment opportunities exist, such as utility-scale wind farms, which are not only available in the United States, but also in many other countries around the world. Investors can invest in small wind farms, to large hydroelectric dams, with a combination of utility scale and large-scale renewable energy projects. Many states now allow individual investors to purchase their own share of the energy produced by wind farms.

Speaking at the international renewable energy conference in October, Léonie Weiss, executive VP and head of compliance at pan-European asset management service, Quadriga, stated “We conduct ultra-strict due-diligence on all organisations building renewable energy projects which are being marketed by us to make sure A), the Bonds are liquid, allowing investors to receive interest payments on a quarterly basis if they so wish, and B), include a government grant, to mitigate any risk for our clients.”

Wind Energy And Biofuel Energy For Long Term Investment Success

We believe renewable energy bonds, especially within the wind energy and biofuel energy sectors are going to offer the best risk to reward ratios and, for the next decade, be considered one of the most sought-after investment vehicles for both retail and professional investors. Some of our latest renewable energy offerings which we are about to give in January/February 2020 will guarantee investors an income stream from the income the company generates from their project.

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