How To Strengthen Your Retirement Savings

How To Strengthen Your Retirement Savings

If you are young and already saving for retirement, then you are in a very advantageous position financially. But, if you are approaching retirement and you started saving for retirement later, or you just want to maximise your retirement savings, you may wish to follow these steps to strengthen your savings:

Tips To Strengthen Your Retirement Savings

Automate Savings – A very common rule is that you should pay yourself first. The easiest and more reliable way to do this is by implementing automatic savings. A percentage of your monthly salary is transferred automatically by the bank to grow your retirement nest egg.

Set A Clear Goal – Saving and reducing expenses are not enough. You need to know what you want to achieve after one month, six months, one year, five years and more. Set a sensible goal that is realistic and easy to reach. By using a retirement savings calculator, you could be surprised at how early you can retire, if you save and manage spending consistently. Have a very clear goal at what age you should retire.  

Downsize or Relocate – If you realise that you have a high-cost lifestyle, then your only way to reduce spending is by downsizing. If it’s because you live in an area with high cost of living, then you should move to a less expensive area. You may sell your home and buy a cheaper, smaller home. You can use the excess money to boost your retirement savings significantly.

Invest Your Money – Saving for retirement isn’t enough anymore. When you save your money, it can gain a very small amount of interest over time which might not be enough to retire on. Investing your money with Quadriga’s investment management service ensures that your retirement savings will grow even faster.

Manage Your Investments – by consulting a London investment management service, such as Quadriga Asset Management, you can learn more about how responsible investing can grow your retirement savings giving you more money to retire on. When you actively manage your investments, you can ensure that they will grow strategically with the market. You will see a much higher rate of growth by letting an investment management professional manage your assets instead of relying on your company’s retirement fund.

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To learn more about Quadriga’s investment management service and how it can help your business grow and become sustainable, contact Quadriga Asset Management and speak to an asset management professional who can create a strategic asset management plan to suit your needs and the needs of your business.

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