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Quadriga Asset Management has seen rapid growth and regarded as one of Europe’s leading asset managers.  Owing to it remarkable success over the last 25 years, Quadriga Asset Management has expanded into Spain, Switzerland, Germany, New York and most recently the UK, opening our London office in 2016.

Many of our clients who have achieved great success have worked hard and sacrificed much to get where they are and measure success in not just financial terms. In many cases, their needs and goals are highly complex and involve multiple constituents. We welcome this challenge and thrive on pressure to not just deliver returns; But to exceed expectations and provide an exceptional level of customer service.

As a boutique firm Quadriga asset Management has always been drawn to the investor who have forged their own path in life. We’re creative thinkers, too, and can appreciate the value of looking at investments like we look at partnerships. An opportunity to create something unique and lasting.  We expect every relationship we’ve built to extend over many years. To achieve this our primary goal has always been to help clients avoid permanent loss using our managed account services, while seeking benchmark busting returns.


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Why choose Quadriga

At Quadriga Asset Management, we know each and every one of our clients personally. We take the time to understand who our clients are, what their needs are, how their businesses operate, and what goals they want to achieve in life as well as financially because we don’t use a one size fits all approach. Our managed account strategies are tailored individually to fit each client and their specific situation. We’ve learned to diversify our strategies and combine our knowledge with our clients’ needs to overcome challenges.

The Quadriga Way

  • Transparency
    Quadriga will strive for communication that is clear and concise. If you have a question, it is our responsibility to answer your question. If necessary, help you to understand the answer.
  • Value
    You have the right to receive the best execution for all the managed account services that we provide. Portfolio transactions will be executed in a timely manner, at the best available price, and with prompt third party confirmation. All interactions with Quadriga will be timely, precise, and promptly completed.
  • World Class Service
    You will gain a high level of proactive, courteous managed account service from all associates at Quadriga.
  • Responsiveness
    You have the right to a prompt response from your Quadriga team. As your trusted advisor, QAM will strive to return your calls by the end of each business day. Should a request require additional research, our team will set a clearly defined time frame for redress.
  • Timely Information
    You have the right to be communicated to in a timely manner, our goal is to provide you with the answer before the question arises.
  • Confidentiality
    Our managed account team operates under the strictest levels of confidentiality with all information provided to QAM. We will protect information to the highest standards outlined by the financial regulatory body.
  • Trusted Advice
    You have the right to work with a trustworthy, dependable and managed account advisor. Your advisor at Quadriga Asset Management will develop a personal relationship with you through your investment journey. We will present portfolio reviews annually or as often as necessary, and be available to answer questions as they arise.

Contact us today for more information and for details on how our services could be right for you.


"I would not hesitate to recommend QAM to my family members and my friends. I am very impressed with the level of professional service. My Account Manager has taken the time to explain to me thoroughly about my investment in an open and honest manner. He has excellent customer care skills and is a pleasure to do business with. I am very hopeful that this will be a long term business relationship with QAM. Once again thank you very much for a professional, positive and friendly service."


"Here is a brief Description of my experience with Quadriga Asset Management so far:

Q: Was withdrawing your funds Easy? A: I would have to say yes it was simple enough, the biggest issue I had with the withdrawal was I had to email or call to request withdrawal, it would be better if they had an option to just click whenever I wanted to withdraw some funds.

Q: Were the support staff timely and helpful? A: Yes, the staff are always on hand to assist with any issues or questions i had, So i can't fault them on this.

Q: Was the website easy use? A: The website is easy to navigate, straight forward to use especially for a novice.

To conclude I would say so far so good. I will keep an eye on the performance over the coming months and see how we go."


"I have nothing but positive things to say about this company. Due to some emergency family issues I was forced to close my account. I was able to close and withdraw my all my funds without any issues.

Great team, excellent service.

You will be hearing back from me soon."


"I am indebted to Quadriga- they have helped more than any other company I have ever dealt with. Was initially invested within the fixed income property bond and after 3 months I decided to invest in their flagship world resources fund as well.

I am super pleased by the consistency of return within the world resources fund. My bond matured in Feb 2019 and I have invested the amount from the bond into the fund as well. I have withdrawn my profits every month because I need the monthly income. No company is perfect, but they provide every client with the best service."

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