Offshore Solutions

The requirement for offshore investment vehicles amongst our clients has never been greater. In a constantly changing market environment, a growing number of our clients are placing more emphasis on achieving specific objectives and targets, often requiring different asset allocations and investment approaches that can be tailored to suit their risk appetite more precisely. Our clients are also looking to incorporate new regulatory constraints, as well as specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria.

Quadriga Asset Management has over 10 years of experience in creating such solutions and today we are entrusted with managing over GBP 1.15 billion in total assets under management, and over 35% of our assets under management, in tailor-made investment portfolios. We are proud to partner with sophisticated investors from around the world, including high net worth professional investors, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, financial institutions and family offices.

Dialogue and Partnership

We work in partnership with our clients to co-create tailored strategies that meet their specific requirements – a ‘made with you’ rather than ‘made for you’ approach. Through open and transparent dialogue, and by sharing our research and ideas, we aim to gain a deep understanding of their needs, constraints and challenges.

The initial dialogue starts with an analysis of a client’s current asset allocation. Applying our expertise, experience and analytical tools, we work with clients to identify any potential dislocation between the risk profile of their overall portfolio and their investment goals. We then consider any regulatory or accounting constraints, as well as any ethical considerations, in order to build the optimal portfolio.

Offshore Bond

Designed as a medium to long term investment solution, the Offshore Nest Bond provides a combined solution which includes growth along with a competitive yield, as well as the freedom to switch funds within the wrapper without tax liability. Highlighted below is a breakdown of the latest license allocation available for our offshore bond. Please note a minimum investment of £50,000 is required to invest within this bond.

1 Year – 11.25%

3 Year – 12.10%

5 Year – 14.50%

Contact us today for more information and for details on how our offshore solution could be right for you.


"I have no reservations with recommending this company to anyone. Been a client for over 12 months now, it took me a long time to come on board as I am very sceptical about investing in general and I had never invested in anything before.

However I did all my due diligence and everything checked out - I even went as far as speaking to a number of clients to confirm their experience with Quadriga was genuine. Anyone in two minds, give them a try and you won't be disappointed."


"I have been a member of Quadriga Asset Management clientele for just under 2 months and I have been happy with the way my account has been running throughout this duration of time. My funds have been slowly generating an upside return as I am more of a conservative investor as a whole. I chose to invest my funds into their flagship fund the World Resources Fund, My NAV has increased by just over 2.7% in the last 2 months.

The service in general is above par and whenever I email or call their team seem to deal with any question I have in a timely manner. Hopefully this continues in the future as I see myself looking to grow my account over a long period of time, therefore knowing that the service is efficient and reliable gives me confidence when dealing with them on a consistent basis."


"I've been a client for over 2 years now. I first came on board with a small amount which I then let grow for a while. After 6 months I unfortunately had to close my account due to a family emergency. However I came back around 9 months later and have invested in their World Resources and Technology funds due to their long term performance. I have been withdrawing my profits every quarter without any issues and will continue to do so due to my need for income.

The real benefit in investing with QAM is allowing your money to compound which I am planning to do within the next year. I am very pleased, everyone in the company is very helpful from accounts to compliance to my account manager. Thank you everyone."

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