Why It Is Important To Invest Your Money With An Investment Management Company You Can Trust?

When investing, we combine passive and active strategies. Passive investment is a long-term strategy by buying and holding low-risk investment options. Active investment is a consistent and non-stop effort to find new opportunities based on latest changes and trends in the market. An active investment strategy works better for short-term profit taking, especially in today’s… Read more

Historical Movement In Oil – May WTI Oil Plummets To Uncharted Territory

For first time ever, oil prices have fallen below £0. In fact, as the market plummets, a barrel of oil is now less expensive than your cup of morning coffee. This historic low for one of the world’s most important fossil fuels has investors concerned, and for good reason. Since the beginning of the year… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Subscribes Record Numbers to Its Investment Management Service During February

The rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic has meant the markets have taken a beating so far in 2020 and the impact that COVID-19 is having on the already weak global economy is becoming more pronounced. Still, there has been one pan-European asset management service that has exceeded industry expectations and continued to build their… Read more

At A Time Of Uncertainty, What Are The Safest Ways To Invest?

2020 has certainly started out on a very different note than many of us had expected, but, for the most part, we are making the best of it. Still, the economic uncertainty has left many investors concerned over what they should, and shouldn’t, be investing their money in. Keeping that in mind, we are going… Read more

Preparing For Retirement? How To Make Your Money Work For You

If you are preparing for retirement and just beginning to realise that you might not have as much as you would like to retire on, you need to either start saving more or start making your money work for you. Both options are feasible, but saving more typically means working harder for your money. With… Read more

How To Strengthen Your Retirement Savings

If you are young and already saving for retirement, then you are in a very advantageous position financially. But, if you are approaching retirement and you started saving for retirement later, or you just want to maximise your retirement savings, you may wish to follow these steps to strengthen your savings: Tips To Strengthen Your… Read more

Quadriga Strengthens Partnership With Raiffeisen Bank

Quadriga Asset Management, a leading London asset management service, is set to expand its strategic alliance with Raiffeisen Bank to provide strategic asset management services and structured investment products to the bank’s portfolio of clients, which includes its corporate and institutional client portfolio. Quadriga – A Top-Tier London Asset Manager This broadening partnership will further… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Winner of The New York Times DealBook Deals Of The Year Award

Quadriga, the New York hedge fund, has been named the winner of The New York Times DealBook Deals of the Year Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in merger & acquisitions and absolute return investments. The citation says that Quadriga was recognized for its “award-winning investing that delivered absolute returns that dwarfed benchmarks and led… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Predicts – Wind Energy to Power Half of all Homes within the United States by 2030

By the end of 2020, America will be producing more electricity through wind energy than ever before. This new reality is creating a boom in the Wind Energy industry and the capital markets that support it. Over recent years, as the wind farms have become more popular, people have become more aware of the benefits… Read more

The Importance Of A Global Asset Management Service

The Importance Of A Global Asset Management Service

The analyst team of asset management professionals at Quadriga Asset Management see corporate and institutional investors achieving returns from Fixed Income through investments within emerging markets and corporate bonds. A significant number of bond investors unfortunately suffered losses in 2019, as most government bonds returned their buyers losses in 2019 if they were held to… Read more

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