The Reason Why Retail Traders Lose Money – How To Stick With The Smart Money

It is estimated that 95% of all forex and CFD traders will lose money and give up inside the first 2 years. Those are horrible odds. Pan-European asset management service, Quadriga, has seen consistent capital growth within their investment management service since 1996. The firm now employees over 60 portfolio managers and asset management professionals… Read more

Quadriga’s Guide To Property Bonds

If you are contemplating taking a chance with investing in properties, the first avenue that you should consider is property bonds. These are bonds which are the alternative of investing in physical property. London property bonds provide an additional level of security to general property investments and will, more often than not, produce yields far… Read more

Quadriga Answers The Question – Are Wind And Biofuel Energy Bonds A Worthwhile Investment?

It seems like more and more investors are opting for ethical investments which offer fixed interest rates and sustainability, two factors that bonds on biofuel and wind farm projects offer. This is where an experienced asset management professional who can create a strategic asset management plan can be very useful. While ethical investments are a… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Partners Raiffeisen Bank International AG

Quadriga Asset Management, one of Europe’s largest privately-owned asset management services, has signed a partnership agreement with Raiffeisen Bank International AG to create a global Fixed Income Bond Fund, Quadriga Global Debt Fund. High-Quality Assets With Low Fees This follows a move by the CEO, Jacob Bauer, to challenge mass-market fund managers and offer high-quality… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Gains International Recognition

The Pan-European asset manager, Quadriga Asset Management received the highest possible rating from the fund rating agency, Standard & Poor’s and Micropal.  Micropal awards Quadriga Asset Management GmbH with five stars. At the same time, index specialist Morgan Stanley includes Quadriga’s Series A and B in the new MSCI hedge fund index. And at the… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Now Available To US Retail Investors

Quadriga Asset Management has announced that units of up to $200 million in their flagship London asset management service Series A and Series B are now available, offering qualified American investors access to a managed futures fund with a minimum investment of only $10,000. Quadriga Asset Management GmbH Series A and Series B will trade… Read more

Quadriga Asset Management Enters Formula 1

The green bull of the Austrian hedge fund company, Quadriga Asset Management, will decorate the front wing and the airbox of the Formula 1 cars by Alex Yoong and Mark Webber in the future. Quadriga celebrates its Formula 1 debut on June 23 at the Nürburgring. KL Minardi Asiatech announced today the commercial partnership with… Read more

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